Thursday, June 25, 2009

Kinda BZ !!

Sory for the really long hiatus on updating my blog. It seems that I have and will be busy for a couple of weeks or even months.However I'll try to blog about the things I have done during the 2 weeks break later on.

Ciazou for now !!

Monday, March 16, 2009

A bad loss and a good show ~

Well, on 13th March, Lanun Rombak ( or Lanun Thailand some of us call it ) had our second match of the group stage. It was a really exciting match where both side, Black Emperor and Lanun Rombak , put on a good show. Although the Lanun team was having unjury problems, they still manage to put up a good fight. Our team, Lanun's goalkeeper was injured that day so I had to take the duty as a goalkeeper because I was the reserve keeper.

We played well throughout the game creating chances and also stopping the other team from taking any. However, during injury time, Black Emperor was lucky enough to get a corner and they were truly lucky that time because they got a goal, an own goal as far as I'm concerned, it was 0-1 . Our defender was trying to clear the ball that was headed for goal but he headed it towards the left corner of the goal and the ball hit the post into the goal. Our team also had a lucky break. A penalty was given minutes before the whistle was blown, however the penalty kick was blocked, out kicker shot it right at the keeper. Oh well, another loss but a good show from the team with plenty of spirit and determination to win the game. There was no need for us to be shameful because we played a good game and I'm sure the team can improve more on the upcoming matches.

I however won't be playing, doctors order. Why ? I was kicked in the head twice during the game when I was trying to catch the ball. The 1st kick made me stunned for 3 seconds and my eyes had gone blurry then. I thought at first it was because my contacts was kicked out but after checking again I was still wearing them. I shrugged it off as nothing and moments later I got the 2nd kick. That one made me shook, well at least in the head. After the game I went back and went to see my doctor. He did some test and sent me home because the diagnostics would only come on Sunday. I kept it a secret from my family cause I don't wanna worry them.

During the time I was waiting for the results, the blurriness in my eyes subsided a little, well for the left eye at least. My right eye started to have double vision. It weird seeing double in one eye and a little blur in the next. On Sunday I was shocked to get the news form my Dad, apparently my doctor contacted my parents and told them the news ( No surprise there because the doctor was a family friend. I ask my father what was the verdict and he said that I would have to stop playing for a while, at least 2-4 weeks, or at least until the doctor say I could play again. I ask them what exactly wrong with me, they said its nothing big. So trusting my parents I just went back to my daily life and now I'm blogging about the match. It was fun and exciting. Don;t worry though, my eyes is still ok and I would be back in a few weeks time ~ Till then Ciaozu, and here are some pics of the match.

Get 2 know urself better ~

is the website where I did this quiz, the quiz would take ur answers analyze it as ur personlaity ~

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tagged by Xeno~ Dude, U'r missed dude ~

Tagged by Xeno

Do u think you' are hot?
Nahhhhh ~ I prefer to be ice cold cool ~

Upload a favourite picture of you:

Gives three reason why u like that picture:

1. It was a pic taken during the ride home after my first Sek@MMU program that I participated.
2. I liked the atmosphere in the bus that time
3. I widened my social links after that program

When was the last time u ate pizza?
Hurmmmm, I think around 2 and a half weeks ag0o

The last song u listen?
Falling Apart - Zebrahead

What are u doing right now besides this?
Would be playing Black and White 2, dam I love that game !

What name you prefer besides yours?
Nurul Afiqah, why ? heahea ~

People to tag:
1. Rai
2. Qis
3. Nibee
4. Ilya
5. Mareo

Who is number one?
My really sweet, not blood related lil' sis ~ ( Hope u get well soon )

Number three is having relationship with?
His PC and his 'favourite' websites

Say something about nombor five?
He is worse than I last saw him... but still a good guy ~

How about number four?
A girl I like sharing my thoughts with ~

Who is number two?
4's lil' sis who is funny in her on way ~

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Hahahaha !!! Since kevin was shouting in the shoutbox, asking me to update my blog, so I would update it a little. I'll just talk about why I am busy.

First of all, I was working for at least a week, just doing an old workmate a favor. It was tiring and made me loss a chance to go to a happy place 4 a while. On the upside I got some money for my savings( I dont think it will last long though).

Second, I'm joining the Sek@MMU program again and I'm still in the PR, Media, Protocol Division, It so tiring but also full of learning experience. This time the logo for the program is sumwhat 'colourful' Here is a pic of the logo~

Well, that's all for now cause I have more work to do. Bye bye ~ CaioZu !!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

At last ... Sek@MMU Pahang

At last I got the chance to actually post this ! I was waiting for the pictures to come and finally it did after about 2 weeks time of waiting. I wont be talking much this time cause I don feel like it but I will be explaining the pics that I put up here. Before the pics come, I would be telling U people what I have been doing in this particular program.

I joined Sek@MMU because some of my friend persuaded me to join this club and well, now I really like it. My social link/circle has widened (in a way) and the thing that this club does is no short of excellence. They don hope for money ( well maybe for the events ) cause they are doing the things they do to improve the future generations. The program, to put it bluntly is a charity program that teaches ICT to the students in that particular school. This program also is a motivation program that improves their self-confidence, creativity, knowledge of thing to come after their higschool years. I was lucky enough to be selected to be a committee in the event.

Now, let the pictures COME !!!

We were waiting for the bus to pick us all up. It was around 12a.m. It was a really bumpy ride !!!
from the left - scam, fifi, paez, me, apis, shafiq/sapit, syah.

This pic was taken after all of us had eaten our breakfast and had changed into our formal wear because we had to do the opening ceremony the second we got there ~
From the left Me, Yus, Sapit, Efan

This is a pic taken after the morning exercise. It was AWESOME !! We used the music LOW .... and the kids loved it ! I hear they are still doing it now !!

This was taken before the Multimedia class. We were deprived of the internet for several days. I was really happy to be able to check some sites before we started the class ~

This pic shows the full facilitator of Sekolah B ( the school I was in ) plus some of the students !

This pic shows all the students that participated in the program and also all of the facilitator of Sekolah B.

Ok, if some of you tought that was all.. well, it ain't. There are more but I would have to post it another time cause I still haven't gotten the pics yet. I'm waiting for more pics to arrive. However, next time I would be posting the events that happened after the Sek@MMU program. Till then, CIAOZU !!!


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